Video #1 – Whitewater Canoeing

This is a great video, it shows Dooley Tombras , a team paddler for Esquif Canoes, doing some fairly extreme whitewater canoeing. A lot of the of what Dooley is doing takes bravery, but his technical ability is evident. So when you know you’re able to do such physically and technically demanding canoeing, why wouldn’t you be confident.
The canoes used in the video are specialised whitewater canoes. Designed specifically for the whitewater in this video. They are shorter and rounded to give extreme manoeuvrability and relative stability. The boats also usually are made to be very buoyant the right way up as well as upside down. This means the boat can glide over submerged rocks, but also when error occurs the boat floats back up even against turbulent water.
I especially like the Eskimo rolls in the canoe. This is usually left to the realms of kayakers and impossible in tradition canoes, but the nature of the canoe and skill of Tombras producing something that I before believed was impossible.

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